Tips and tricks on Recycling guitar strings

Those of us who play guitar on a regular basis have probably thrown away a ton of strings throughout the years. I know I did but never stopped to think about whether and how they could or could not be recycled. Well, turns out people have found many creative ways to reuse or recycle guitar strings.

Guitar String Bracelet shows how with a bit of wire bending and some creativity you could end up with some good-looking jewelry pieces made of guitar strings. The Guitar String Bracelet tutorial explains in more detail.

Speaking of bracelets, there is an ongoing charity project where famous musicians, like Carlos Santana, Keith Richards, Ziggy Marley, Eric Clapton, Bob Weir and many others, donate their used strings towards good causes. Read more about Bracelets for Charity project.

Guitar String Flowers

Wow, I was amazed when I found this on Etsy:

Yep, with a great deal of time and effort to bring out the most beautiful musically-inspired piece of art. Great for any music lover, perfect for anyone looking for a fun and unique decoration.

These flowers seem to be out of stock but you still may want to check out the pics and perhaps even request a custom bouquet out of your strings? See Guitar String Flowers on Etsy.

Some more advice

Let’s keep the planet clean!

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