M-Audio Radium-61 Layout

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Presently, this page is nothing but a description of the function keys for the “M-Audio Radium 61-key MIDI controller”:[http://www.amazon.com/MAudio-Radium-61-Key-USB-Controller/dp/B0002D0KW8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=musical-instruments&qid=1272094353&sr=8-1&tag=victonet-20]. Granted, this may not seem like much, but having such a reference sheet at hand may be helpful to some. Function keys are the ones that allow one to send MIDI data from the Radium 61-key to the host application.
So here goes:


This is a layout of function keys for Radium 61-key MIDI controller. After pressing "MIDI Data Select" button, you can perform various actions
through those function keys (please read the manual for more information).

Starting from the 10th black key from the right

  • C#4 (black): Reverb, velocity, depth
  • D4 (White): after touch
  • D#4 (Black): pan pot
  • E4 (White): volume
  • F4 (White): Set Control
  • F#4 (Black): Reset
  • G4 (White): Flat symbol
  • G#4 (Black): Sharp symbol
  • A4 (White): MIDI channel
  • A#4 (Black): CC data
  • B4 (White): CC number
  • C5 (White): Program
  • C#5 (Black) through A#5 (Black): 0 to 9
  • B5 (White): Cancel
  • C6 (White): Enter


Note: remember that your input should be confirmed with an ENTER key or by hitting the "MIDI Data Select" again to switch back to the "Play
Mode". Again, refer to the manual for more info.



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