Getting rid of “Top Sites” in Safari 7

For some time I’ve been noticing that Safari was conveniently placing my recently-viewed pages in the “Top Sites” bar. Every time I’d see a new page added to that collection, I felt a little uneasy. If you are doing a lot of public presentations or demos, you’ll recognize the feeling. Naturally, I wanted to hide the “Top Sites” bar, but the question came up, how?

Searching the Internet quickly turned up a relevant thread from Apple Support discussion form. Specifically, the response from LadySoft33 was exactly what I was looking for. A quick summary of steps is below:

  • Open Safari preferences and click on “General”.
  • Change “start New Tab With” and “Start New Window With” drop-down menus to something other than “Top Sites”.
  • Close all your tabs and windows.

Hurray, next time you open a new window or a new tab, there will be no “Top Sites” in your safari window.

What do you think?

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