Boss GT-8 guitar processor Accessibility

(Please think about all the disclaimers that you can think of–yes, they go here!)

You know, how cool and nice-looking the "toys" get nowadays! Sure, but this statement is true only if you can see them!

The intent of this project is very humble–provide accessibility to the Boss’ great “GT-8 multieffect guitar processor”:[].

In order to use GT-8 without having to look at the LCD screen, we need several things:

  1. The Boss GT-8 unit itself,
  2. The wonderful freeware GT-8 PC-based (yes, I mean Windows)
    program, courtesy of Rob Redding from the UK.
  3. JAWS screen reader from Freedom Scientific.
  4. My very useful scripts for JAWS that take advantage of Rob Redding’s accessibility hooks.
  5. Rob’s very own description of GT-8 Editor’s screen (to be translated into human-readable
    form :)).


How to get going?

  1. Connect your GT-8 unit to your PC sound card with two MIDI cables.
  2. Install JAWS and the scripts.
  3. Download the GT-8 Editor software.
  4. Run gt8_editor.exe, choose MIDI in and MIDI out devices, hit CTRL+ALT+A to turn on accessibility hooks and finally, activate the "Editor Window"
  5. Use INSERT+H to find out about all the JAWS hotkeys that you can use with GT-8 editor.
  6. Enjoy!

What do you think?

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