Vanilla Fields Story

The “Vanilla Fields” record was created by musicians who never met each other in person and used Internet as their primary means of colaboration. Thanks to their enthusiasm, passion, diverse background, skills and creativity, the album reverberates with soothing melodies, lyricism and surprising mood changes.
This record would not be possible without the kind help and support of many artists and friends who dedicated their time and energy over the period of three years to bring this project to fruition.

Here is what some of the musicians said about their work on this album in their own words.


Luis Elorza

(producer, arranger, bass, keyboards, mixing and mastering engineer):

“It’s been a very rewarding experience to co-produce the Vanilla Fields album with Victor. Since the first moment i heard some of his demos, it was clear to me     that his  playing and compositions had that  deep emotional and even spiritual feeling contained in his melodies , chord progressions and intricate  guitar textures , while retaining a fresh  and distinctive sound. I find Tsaran’s music fulfilling , interesting and appealing to different audiences because his style is enriched with elements of Brazilian and traditional jazz, East European folk and Spanish Latin, and can be related to artists such as Pat Metheny, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips.
I am personally honored to have worked with Victor and his music and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Rory Hoffman

(saxophone and keyboards):

“I am very happy Victor asked me to be involved with his album.  It was refreshing to work on a project that provided a challenge and some real musical fulfillment.  The ability to collaborate with people not only from different states, but different countries, always amazes me.  Though I haven’t met either Victor or Luis in person, we still found ways to express ourselves individually and collectively through the music.  Thank you, Victor, for the opportunity to participate on such a creative album. It was a very enjoyable experience.”

Carrie Glenn


“The recording process on Victor’s album was very high-tech, creative, and interesting. We would fly tracks to each other from our studios in different cities, (mine being in Nashville, TN), and his in California, and create from there. I loved the open nature of the interpretation of his songs; he’s an extremely creative musician and writer, as you can hear from the music. He always had a vision and a sound in mind when we’d talk. I loved hearing the final product after we would finish our project!”

The crew

  • Arrangements, producers: Victor Tsaran, Luis Elorza.
  • Music, guitars, calimba, vocals: Victor Tsaran.
  • Lyrics: Karo Caran (2,5); Marjana Savka (6).
  • Bass: Luis Elorza (1, 2, 5, 6); Tonino Perretta (4).
  • Percussion and drums: Paco Elorza (2, 4); Jeremy Clement (5); Luis Elorza (1, 3, 4, 6).
  • Keyboards: Rory Hoffman (5); Victor Tsaran (5).
  • Saxophone: Rory Hoffman (1, 3).
  • Clarinet: Carrie Glenn (5).
  • Mixing and mastering: Luis Elorza.


Special Thanks

  • Doug Young: recording studio.
  • Jason Wilson, Karo Caran, Ricky Montalvo: cover design.
  • Rob and Corinna Mori: friendship and support.


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