For some time I’ve been trying to find the high-quality reverb, delay and EQ effects for iOS to use with my guitar. One day I came across the AUFX effect series and immediately fell in love with the provided presets. The problem was that I could not use the rest of the app’s features with my VoiceOver screen reader.
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Last Sunday I started a petition asking Apple to make Logic Pro, their professional music creation software, usable for blind users. My main goal in doing this is to create the awareness among the music software vendors, including Apple, about the serious problems the lack of accessibility poses for blind musicians, engineers, educators and users at large.

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I am curious how many music and sound fans share my observation that listening to a well composed, arranged and sound-engineered music piece is almost the same as reading a good novel. For some reason this comparison has been popping up in my head for years now. It kept bothering me so often that I decided to finally write about it!

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