Moog Electric Guitar: another flash of innovation

The Moog Guitar is a very unique instrument that, while claiming to be an electric guitar, goes far beyond that description. Moog tells us that

The Moog Guitar provides an incredibly intimate playing experience that connects musicians directly to the source of the sound; the strings of the guitar. It does this by controlling the way the strings vibrate. In a very coherent way, it gives energy to, and takes energy away from the strings. The resulting timbres do not rely on effects or post-processing. They are created directly from the strings.

From the time this guitar first appeared on the market in 2008, I cannot get it off my mind and into my hands (well, the price is prohibitively high) but the sound, o its sound, still stays with me after watching a number of video clips from Moog.

Watch the two clips below and see if you will feel the same about this innovative instrument.

Moog Guitar

See more videos of the Moog Guitar on Moog Music’s website.

What do you think?

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