Feet guitar playing

A couple of weeks ago at Doug Young Guitar Night I had an opportunity to experience an acoustic guitar player, Blake McMurray, who uses one of his feet to play his guitar while standing up. You can see Blake playing the guitar with his foot live in the video below.

I did hear before of guitar players who, for one reason or another, learned to play guitar with their feet. Blake’s performance, however, encouraged me to go on the web and actually look for information about some of them.

I learned about an inspirational story of Tony Meléndez who was born without arms but learned to play with his feet. Tony went on to record several records and received multiple awards for his music. You can see one of Tony’s videos below.

Another similar player is Mark Goffeney who also mastered to play the guitar with his feet. He is lead guitarist and vocalist for the ‘Big Toe’ band and played the principal role on Fox Television’s Emmy-nominated commercial ‘Feet’. You can see Mark playing blues in this video.

I am sure there are many more interesting feet guitar players out there but I hope these three peeked your interest to continue researching the topic on your own.

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